Monday, September 12, 2005

Ten Things I Think I Think

I tried this a couple of weeks ago, and received lots of positive comments, so (with apologizes to the concept's originator, Peter King, a columnist for Sports Illustrated), here's my second edition.

1) I think that the "Back to School Blessing" we held here at Shawnee UMC was a rousing success. Teachers from most of the area school systems were present (Doreen Martin, a member of our church, told me that five teachers came from her building in the Lima City School system, alone), and seemed genuinely touched by the service. We had enough giveaway stuff for students, but just barely! I can't say enough about the volunteers from the church, particularly Tara Yunker (who is putting Marketing degree, and years of experience, to work for us, gratis..... thank you so much Tara!). They just really did a great job of making people feel welcome. Special thanks to the Perry Corporation, Cappie's Sports, Kohli and Kahlier, EduProviders, Meiier, and WalMart for their support. Just a great way of celebrating God's gift of education.

2) I think "Crosstraining", our Sunday night youth ministry was really good last night. The new time of worship, the new small group leaders, the addition of Andrea Sanford as our new Assistant Youth Director, and free pizza made for a good time for all. A group of us stayed until after 9pm playing "Move It", and I think kids were genuinely disappointed when they had to leave. Just a great way to start off the new year.

3) I think that getting my first "win" this week, ever, in my Fantasy Football League felt pretty sweet. That it was over my little brother, made it even sweeter.

4) Even though I don't propose to understand the nuance of football coaching, I think that OSU needs to pick a QB, and go with him. Zwick and Smith seem to be looking over their shoulder, wondering if a mistake will cost them playing time. I also imagine the locker room will start dividing as guys pick their favorite QB. Just an awful situation. Tim Conley, a member of the church, put it best when he said that deciding who starts really should take place in the offseason, and I can't agree more. Does Coach Tressel remember the Germaine/Jackson debacle of a decade ago? Let's hope so.

5) I think I felt old today taking Xavier to pre-school today. My boys are growing up fast!

6) I think that the people who are saying that we ought not to rebuild in New Orleans are living a fantasy. You can't close the fourth busiest port in the country (one that is essential to farmers in the Midwest) in a city that functions as the gateway for 30% of our nation's oil. If people in the Netherlands can figure out how to live in an entire country that's under sea level, surely we can figure out how to re-develop New Orleans in such a way as to make it ecologically sustainable.

7) I think that I'm seeing way too many editorials and random articles on the looming debt crisis this country is facing, nationally and personally. That we're now into the world for over 3 trillion dollars as a nation, while simultaneously the personal consumer debt of families continues to climb, is leading many to the conclusion that a major correction is way overdue, and coming soon. The Bucher family has experienced, personally, the pain that comes from not living below your means, and the bill finally coming due. I don't want to think about the scenario on a national scale.

8) I think that people who are surprised that there was looting and violence in New Orleans during this disaster shouldn't be. We weren't born perfect... we were born selfish. Figuring out how to overcome this, with God's help, is the struggle of our lives.

9) I think that any congregation that donates over 12,000 pounds of water and baby wipes, hours of time to collect and pack the cargo, and contribute $9,500 to Katrina aid less than 48 hours after the appeal was made on a Labor Day weekend is a pretty doggone generous congregation. Thank you, Shawnee!

10) I think that if in the event your six year old child is willing to use his own money to buy a "Your First Day of School Sundae" for his little brother, that you'd better be there to witness the act of generosity, in person. So, I'm off to the Dairy Queen!

God Bless,

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