Monday, October 24, 2005

Ten Things I Think I Think

1) I think yesterday's sermon that Charlotte gave was one of the more challenging and eloquent you'll ever get to hear. With the subject being the "Body of Christ" (all of us getting in the game, working together to serve God and one another), her closing illustration of the family member with MS was very poignant. A body that no longer cooperates with itself is a tragedy. Here's to hoping there are more good moments like this one Charlotte provided for us as we all study Romans 12.

2) The year we lived in Bloomington/Normal Illinois, we lived through multiple tornado sightings and landings throughout the country. Two months after we moved, a tornado knocked down a tree, destroying what was our garage. It's just a regular part of life in that part of the world. You accept it, and move on. Had things worked out better in terms of my employment there (another blog for another time), we'd probably still be there.

I don't think, though, I could say the same if I lived in South Florida. Good luck and God Bless, to all those living through Wilma today.

3) I think that finding a rhythm to your life, that includes time for rest (Sabbath) is something people should take more seriously. I've gone through stretches where I didn't have a full-day off for months, which just did horrible damage to my relationships, job performance, and judgment. Finding that rhythm of work, rest, study, and play is key to being able to fulfill one's life purpose, and the Lord's peace.

4) I think that if Ellen Rovner wins a spot on the school board by a few votes, she ought to post a thank you note on this blog. Apparently there were many people who thought my Ellen Rovner story was a good one, and recommended it to friends. Wish I had a nickel for everyone who stopped me to say something, or email me about it. Now, a lot more people know who Ellen Rovner is.

5) For the few of you who were even aware that it was an issue, I think that the new NBA Dress Code (business casual for all traveling player, and sportscoats when not dressing for action on the bench) is a lame attempt on the part of the league to make its players look less young, and less "hip-hop". In other words, in a league where 80% of the players are young black males, the league is worried about how they portray themselves to Corporate America. While I'm not opposed to dress codes if they've been negotiated with the Players Union, me thinks this is the fallout from a league still struggling to replace the marketing machine that was Michael Jordan. Mark Cuban (the owner of the Dallas Mavericks) has some interesting thoughts about this on his blog (

6) I think "Don't Steal" and "Don't Kill" are two commandments people really need to get a handle on. In a referendum this past weekend, the nation of Brazil, which is experiencing the largest number of shooting deaths, per capita, in the world, overwhelming voted down a nationwide ban on firearms. The vote is a result of citizen's lack of confidence in law enforcement officials' ability to protect people from heavily armed gangs who now control ghettos and shanty-towns in large cities like Rio de Janeiro. In other words, people are afraid criminals will run rampant because they know they have no way of protecting themselves with anything more lethal than a club or knife. Pretty scary!

7) I think if you hadn't heard about it, that you should know that this weekend if you wanted to worship in Alexandria, Egypt at a Coptic church, you had to pass police barricades. Apparently, seven churches were attacked over a DVD of play performed at an Egyptian Coptic church about a young man who converts to Islam and becomes miserable. Apparently the play, when it was performed two years ago, was no big deal, but in light of upcoming elections featuring Islamic and Coptic political candidates, someone deemed it necessary to reproduce the DVD and distribute it throughout the city. More than 5000 Muslims rioted through Christian areas of Alexandria damaging homes, businesses, churches, and injuring more than 90 people.

8) I think the Harriet Miers nomination for the Supreme Court is in trouble. Who thought it was a good idea to tout the woman's evangelical faith in order to preserve conservative Republican support? When Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, and Pat Robertson have to take to the airwaves to save your nominee's chances, you haven't exactly scored a PR coup.

9) I think that I do not regret, no one iota, my decision to blow the leaves off of my lawn instead of watching the OSU/Indiana game Saturday. If the game had been close, or if the Bucks had lost, it would have ruined my day. And who wants to watch a team blowout a team it ought to blow out? Football season at IU is basically just a sign that basketball season is right around the corner.

Besides, the boys loved playing in the leaves, enhancing my "Dad of the Year" and "Husband of the Year" chances, simultaneously.

10) I think that if the weather in October is any indicator, it's going to be a cold, cold winter. Better get out the sweaters, and turn down the thermostats.

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