Monday, January 09, 2006

Day of Prayer (4 hour update)

This has been a facinating morning. About a half-dozen people have stopped by for prayer, and the requests keep rolling in either by phone, email (you can still give me yours at ). I am growing in my sense of the compassion that God has for all of His children as I do this, and I am wondering about my own sense of mercy and grace.

A sample of the prayer requests today...
  • a woman struggling with depression
  • a variety of people struggling with broken relationships
  • a hope that the Confirmation Class starting this month will impact the kids and mentors spiritually with the love of Jesus
  • a woman who is dying of cancer
  • a woman struggling with forgiving herself for something that happened in her past
  • thanks for a loving pet
  • a young man struggling with alcoholism
  • a variety of requests on the part of parents for the their children, and the ages of the parents and children span the generations
  • for Gene Purdy who is ill and in the hospital
  • for Cathy and John who are facing surgery in the upcoming days
  • for Eric, who is starting seminary today

Just a facinating array of things that are on the hearts and minds of God's people. More later today

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