Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Aaron Wymer is a Cinematic Genius

Below is a "going away" video for Jack Connell, the outgoing Assistant Director of the Beeson Center. Jack is taking a new job as the Vice-President of Church Relations at Houghton College. Jack moved down here from Rochester, New York not too long before all of us did, and since he wasn't able to sell his house in New York, his family lived in the townhouses with the rest of us. Their family became a treasured part of our community, and will be greatly missed.

Which explains this "going away video" from Aaron Wymer. Two things before you watch it: One, the train you hear is about a stone's throw away from our townhomes, and two, you gotta like someone a lot to make this video. It brought a tear to my eye.

Did I mention that tear was from laughter? Good luck, Connell family. We'll miss you all.

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