Thursday, August 23, 2007

We're OK

Have received a good many messages in a variety of forms from people across the country wondering if we were OK. I couldn't figure out why until I heard today that the flooding in Findlay had made the national news.

What can I say.... I'm kinda slow.

Thanks for your concern everyone. The Buchers are safe and dry. Outside of a little trickle of water he had coming in an old pump room off the basement, we had no problems at our house. As a matter of fact now we know unequivocally that we'd need an ark-worthy storm to flood our basement. We are very, very thankful.

Unfortunately though, the area just north of us is getting pounded. Here are some pictures of the town of Ottawa (which is where our district office is):

Findlay too is getting hammered as the Blanchard River crests, leaving plenty of mud and water damage in it's wake. And pretty much everywhere located in the heart of the Maumee River watershed (which is just north of us) got flooded by little creeks that turned into swollen dangerous rivers in practically no time.

For those wondering, the Maumee River is one of the few large rivers in the world that runs north (the Nile being another), eventually emptying out into Lake Erie. That's why the places north of Lima got hit harder that we did.... that's where all the water is going.

So, while we wait for the water to recede, while wondering if the huge storms that hit Chicago today will pound us with even more rain tomorrow, the Buchers are thankful to be safe and dry, but also ready to jump into the clean up effort. And for those of you from the church or the Lima area reading this right now, we are awaiting word from the churches north of us as to what they will need from us to help them in the upcoming recovery. As soon as I know some specifics, I'll let you know how you can help us, help others.

Once again everyone, thanks for your concern, and please continue to pray for those who are looking at cleaning up some major damage, others who are just getting back to their house after being rescued and relocated to emergency shelter, and all the people working hard right now to provide relief for those in trouble. I know they'll appreciate it.

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