Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ten Prayer Requests...

Last weekend a young woman living in the south end of Lima on Third Street, was shot and killed in the home she rented by a member of a SWAT team doing a drug bust. What's more, her one-year old son, whom she was holding, was also shot and is now in Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus. There were also five other children in the home at the time of raid. To make this situation even more complex, the home raided is owned by a controversial and important member of Lima's City Council. Last night the City Council in Lima had to move its meeting to Lima Senior High School to accommodate a very large crowd who came to discuss the issue.

It is a tragic, bad situation that is very, very volatile.

Hence, there'll be no "Ten Things.." this week. Instead, I have ten different prayer requests I'd like to you to add to your prayer list.

1) Please pray for the family of Tarika Wilson as they grieve her loss.

2) Please pray for Sincere Wilson, the one-year old in the hospital recovering from gun shot wounds, and even more profoundly on a primal level, the lack of his mother's presence.

3) Please pray for Sincere's brothers and sisters as now their living situation is likely to change.

4) Please pray for those officers and city personnel who were on that scene this weekend, particularly the officer who shot mother and child.

5) Please pray for the pastors who do their work in their south end who have taken a lead on this issue as they both try to hold the city accountable, while also trying to manage the outrage in their congregations and community.

6) Please pray for those from the State investigative bureau who are looking into how the raid was conducted and how this tragedy happened.

7) Please pray for the political and administrative leaders in the City of Lima as they attempt to lead this community through this crisis.

8) Please pray for Anthony Terry, who was the focus of the raid, and is now in custody.

9) Please pray for Derry Glenn, the city council member from the ward this tragedy this occurred in, and the landlord who owned the house that was raided.

10) Please pray that all involved stay focused on justice being served, mercy shown, and that they all walk humbly in the sight of the Lord.

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