Monday, March 03, 2008

I've Lost My Mucus Plug

I don't care how many times you become a father, every time your pregnant wife announces she's lost her mucus plug, it's always a stunner.... that and it conjures up a pretty nasty image. In any event, we apparently are sans mucus plug while contractions grow stronger, so we're heading down the home stretch. Stay tuned as Baby Bucher #4 continues to make his way into the world.


Anonymous said...

so i talked with my friend that lost her mucus plug today...she didnt sound so good...maybe even leaking some does that make you to step up...forget about orange shirt man at the is time to embrace wwjd....joe would totally busy doing his papa stuff...your turn...btw they guy at the mall didnt have 4 baby bucher! cya soon! amy of amish land

ElleBee said...

Lots of good prayers for the Bucher family, especially for a relatively painless and easy delivery for Aimee! :)