Friday, July 18, 2008

A Short Hiatus for Some R&R (and a quick good-bye)

After a long, but good year, and a party yesterday that featured 30+ (you know it's a lot of kids when you never got a solid number on how many were there) kids in our backyard for the first-ever "Midsummer Bucher Brothers Bash", we're off for some family time on a small lake somewhere north. Hope all is well with you as we bask in the sun, do a little wave-running, and see how fast Eric the Buckeye's pontoon boat will go in open water.

Also, the Yunkers will be the third and final P&G family we'll be losing at Shawnee United this summer. Tara and the kids are slated to move to suburban Cinci the beginning of August, and Tim will follow in October. May you, as well as the Richards and Patricks, be blessed as you begin this new season. You will all be greatly missed.

I'll be back in the blogosphere before you know it. Ten days to two-weeks, TOPS! Until then, have a nice July.

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