Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mea Culpa - Brother Esq convicts me of being a bad Uncle

Just to keep the record straight, the birth of my nephew, Sammy Dean, is one of my most memorable experiences of the year. I was actually thinking about where to put this momentous event when I got a little sidetracked (Eli, my 3 year old, coming down to find me because he was convinced that Max has taken his favorite penguin... those dreams can seem pretty real) at 3am when I finally finished this post up.

However, the Judge has ruled me "guilty" of being a bad uncle, and now I owe Sam big time.

Well Sam, here's the deal. My house is going to be one of your favorite places on the planet earth. We'll have every toy, a steady stream of cousins to play with, and ice cream in the fridge. If that isn't enough to spoil you, we'll also be taking you to more than your fair share of movies and I'm sure more than a couple of trips to Cedar Point. Thus, my sentence is to love you with all my heart, and help assist your parents raise you right by being the best uncle I can be.

May I throw myself on the mercy of the court and spoil you all your days.

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