Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas v2.0

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through Shawnee
there was wrapping and singing
and lit Christmas trees

As musical people
tuned up their guitars
my cell phone was useless
only sporting 2 bars

When out in the lot
there arose such a clatter
I sprang out of my office
to see what was the matter

and there big as life
next to Zurmehly Road
was Santa himself
outside our brick abode

"I haven't be able,"
he said wistfully,
"to come out for worship
on Christmas Eve.

You see I am working,
up here in this sleigh
and I'm always so busy
each year on this day.

So, I wondered," he asked,
"If it'd be quite alright
if I stopped her to worship
on this very night."

"That's cool." I told him
the original Clause.
"Here's a cup of hot coffee.
Come sit. Take a pause."

For the next twenty minutes
he regaled me with tales
of Christmas Eves past
and all their travails.

But after awhile
he just stared into space
and a look of true weariness
covered his face.

"It wasn't always like this",
the bearded man said.
"It became so commercial
that it's spinning my head.

I remember the days
when a small piece of fruit
was widely considered
a great piece of loot.

Now my sleigh is so big
so plum full of stuff
and I'm always left thinking
it is never enough."

There's nothing quite like
sad St. Nick on the eve
of the morning where children
will squeal out with glee.

But was such was my lot
on this rare holiday.
So I pondered just what
on earth I would say.

Then it suddenly hit me
like a full ton of bricks.
I knew how to counsel
a glum old St. Nick.

"You know there's only one reason
to put yourself through this mess.
To spend your night visiting
every earthly address.

It began with a woman,
a man and a star.
Shepherds and angels
and wise men from far.

A small, warm safe manger
and a baby so small,
whose birth was a gift
of goodwill to all."

He just nodded his head.
He had little to say.
And a smile on his face,
as he looked far away.

We've all got a part
none too small or too odd
to make real in this world
the Kingdom of God.

A Kingdom where all
know a heavenly peace.
Where fighting and hunger
and warring all cease.

You might call me a dreamer
or a bat-crazy loon
to believe this world here
will improve anytime soon.

But all that I know
on that lone Christmas Eve
was Santa stood up
and brushed off his sleeve.

Then he gave me a wink
and climbed on his sleigh
giddyapped all those reindeer
and went up, up, away.

Don't feel alone
if sometimes you feel
like the whole thing is pointless
just a cog in a wheel.

It's normal I think
to feel in over your head.
To want to pull up the covers
and hide in your bed.

Just remember tonight
that he's flying again
doing his little part
to put the world on the mend.

So, in closing let's do
what the Good Lord wants done.
Take a message of love
to every daughter and son.

And if you get weary
just remember this day
'bout the babe in the manger
laying lo in the hay.

On earth, peace and goodwill
from the Lord to us all.
May it always be true
for the big and the small.

Merry Christmas!

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