Saturday, March 08, 2014

A Word From Pastor Bryan to our Students, Parents, and Friends of our Student Ministry

Students, Parents, and Friends of our Student Ministry

Earlier this week I received a letter of resignation from Charlie Dray, our Director of Student Ministries. Charlie will remain with us through the end of June. Charlie will be stepping back from ministry for a season as he and his wife focus on their future and family. We wish the Drays all the best as they seek God's will for their lives and look forward to still seeing them in the community in the coming year.

There will be a few changes in the youth ministry for the remainder of this school year. First, on Sunday, March 16th, 7pm in the Solid Rock Cafe I'd like to invite you all to meet with John Kopilchack (Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Chair) and myself to discuss our Student Ministry. As PPRC looks toward the future, this is a chance for us to hear your ideas and hopes for the future. We will also have information for Senior High Lakeside available, a "Scene 75' trip on May 18, and some tentative plans for a 3-day mission trip to Chicago in July. 

Through May 18th, 6-8th grade will continue to meet 11am, Sundays in the Solid Rock Cafe. Also beginning March 23rd 8-12 graders will be invited to meet on a new day and time, 6:45-8pm on Sunday nights (excluding Easter) in the Solid Rock Cafe, 6:45-7pm we'll have food available in the Solid Rock Cafe as a time to "hang out", with some singing beginning 7ish. Leigh Ditto and I are coming out of retirement to join Charlie and his team as we worship, do a little Bible Study, eat, and have a good time. 

May 18th will be Graduation Sunday. All High School graduates will be recognized, youth will take a lead in the 11am worship service, and Charlie Dray will be preaching. We'll also have a reception for Charlie and his family following the service.  

Enclosed is a calendar of everything happening until the end of the June. If you have any questions, please call the office 419 991 4806. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in this coming transition.

God Bless,
Bryan Bucher
Lead Pastor
Community UMC

Shawnee Community UMC Student Ministry Schedule
March-June 2014

March 16th
11am Junior High Student Ministry (6-8th Grade - SRC)
7pm  All Student/Parent/Friends of Student Ministry Meeting (SRC)

March 23rd - May 11th (Excluding Easter Sunday)
11am Junior High Student Ministry (SRC)
6:45pm Senior High +8th Grade (SRC)

April 23rd 
7pm Pick up Tables for Mom to Mom sale (meet at church)

April 24th 
6pm Set Up for Mom to Mom sale (Centrum/Commons)

April 26th 
1pm Tear Down for Mom to Mom sale (Centrum/Commons)

May 18th
11am Graduation/Youth Sunday

May 18th
1:15pm Leave for "Scene 75"

June 22 - 28
Lima District Institute at Lakeside