Thursday, September 07, 2006

Haikuapalooza Day 6 or 7... or something

The entries for Haikuapalooza are running a little slow, so to recap, here's what this blogger is looking for:
  • In an email to me ( simply list your name, the location of your log-in, and something about yourself (would especially like to hear from the person at the General Board of Discipleship in Nashville who keeps logging in... who you is?)
  • Every person who enters gets a free Haiku, written by me, on this blog, plus a chance to win an Asbury Seminary Coffee Mug OR a Shawnee UMC Coffee Mug (your choice) and a pound of Bourbon Chocolate Fudge from the Abbey of Gethsemane in Trappist, Kentucky.
  • Haikuapalooza ends September 15th, so get moving (especially my fellow BP's and families... enter or you will risk the wrath of me dancing topless on the front lawn to the vocal stylings of Barry Manilow singing "Copacabana" - CONSIDER THYSELF WARNED!)

Before I get to the Haikus, here are a few random thoughts....

  • A writer for raised this question today: "Will Paris Hilton's DUI charge hurt her image?" There's no punch line here... don't need one.
  • Have conquered two of the six books (w/papers) for my Missiology class. Book 3, however, is bigger than the first two combined, with a type size that will require a magnifying class and a bottle of Tylenol. Gotta find those reading glasses I bought in seminary.
  • Total of authors encountered either in the form of an entire book, or an article/excerpt from a book since beginning of the program (2 months): 79
  • Total number of pages read: thousands
  • Total number of pages written (double spaced): 68.5
  • Total number of churches I'll need to visit as a part of my dissertation research: 30 (Projected stops for the "Bucher Leadership Tranisition World Tour" - Knoxville, Chicago, Naperville IL, Orange County CA., Worchester Mass., Oklahoma City, Pheonix, Indianapolis and many others TBD)
  • If I could be any flavor Dum Dum Sucker, I would be "root beer".
  • Looked at a used BMW 1200LTC cruiser on E-bay for sale in Toledo yesterday... those motorcycle yearnings aren't going away
  • Yesterday Xavier was imagining that he was the North Wind... me thinks that while Max goes out to discover new dinosaur bones, Xavie will be traveling in a van, playing gigs in a band called "The Popes". Eli, on the other hand, reminds me of his Uncle Andy, so maybe we have another lawyer in the family.

Now, on to the Haikus!

For: Fred Diehl (my uncle)
From: West Palm Beach, Florida
strength during trials
comes from knowing others do pray
for what's in your heart

For: Shannon Kerns
From: Union Seminary - New York, NY
the human struggle
for acceptance and love is
the story of all

For: CJ Dugan
From: Chicago, Illinois
wedding is legal
if I'm preacher of record
choose me... if you dare

For: Mom
From: The Ol' Homestead
teaching reading to
prepare kids for the big world
your calling it is

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