Friday, September 15, 2006

A Quick Update...

Hello All! Been a rough week, and am anticipating a rougher weekend. Eight papers are due by next Friday, and six of those need to be done my 9am Monday morning. I've been knocking them down one-by-one. On a five minute study break, so here are a few thoughts...

- Haikuapalooza is over. Thanks to so many of you who played (although I'm still a little put out by the reader at General Board of Discipleship in Nashville who didn't reveal who they were... come on, send me an email!). I'll announce the mug and bourbon fudge winner on Monday's "Ten Things..." Here's the last Haiku before we bid them adieu...
To: Eric Stallkamp
From: Lima, Ohio
Prays for Jim Tressel
and long contract for Lllloyd Carr
bleeds scarlet and grey

- The situation for Asbury's president-in-limbo, Jeff Greenway just gets more perplexing. For those who don't know, Greenway, in response to his yearly evaluation by the Executive Team of the Board of Trustees, went AWOL a couple of weeks just as the students were arriving on campus. Lots of rumors and innuendo have circled around here about what this "impasse" is actually about, but this blogger isn't into innuendo and rumor and I'm not really connected very well with the campus (being a Beeson Pastor is like being in a separate universe... more on that Monday), so I have no idea what's behind all of this drama. All I know is that the Executive board gave Greenway until last Friday to resign, nobody heard anything over the weekend, and then finally on Wednesday or Thursday, we received an email from Greenway saying that he wasn't going to publicly comment on this situation because the two sides were in conversation. So, ATS is functioning without a President, there's no apparent end in sight to this situation, and the campus is moving forward as if things are fine.... except that everyone knows that they aren't. Can't say that in a year where I was focused on earning a degree in leadership I'd ever dreamed I would be a witness to a real-world case study as bizarre as this one. But if the Executive Committee in a formal statement have declared Greenway's actions to be an "act of insubordination", how does this get put back together? Stay tuned.

- Just looked at the "High School Football Scoreboard" and saw that Lima Senior lost 34-7 to Mason. Dad and I went to The Stadium to watch them play the second-half last week (a shellacking by Middletown), and I'd say that the prevailing mood in the stands was pretty ugly. The only win for the team thus far was a 26-24 squeaker against Celina, a team who I see lost to Shawnee 47-0 tonight. That State Championship in '96 seems more and more distant each and every day. So when can we start asking the question as to when Lima Senior joins the WBL? Come on, how much longer do we have to wait for this?

- My thoughts on Notre Dame V. Michigan tomorrow? Too bad the game can't end in a tie with lots of injuries.

- Number of minutes I've watched NFL football this season: Zero. No cable TV and all this work means no Monday Night Football for this puppy.

Five minutes turned into 20... gotta get back to work on thinking about what it means to incarnate Jesus in a pluralistic world. See you Monday!

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