Thursday, March 22, 2007


What questions to use
how to phrase them
how might they be shaped
for different interview subjects

Information I look for
in research that's done
but I don't really care
about methodology

What is the generalizability
is this information
both reliable or valid
or does its validity determine its reliability

I just want to know
how they lived through the past
so I don't really care
about methodology

What are your sources
is Wiersma all you have
better check Yow's book
on doing case studies with groups

What it was like to leave and arrive
and how the congregation handled things
is what I want to know
not methodology

But I want this to end
I want it to be over
I am going for "done"
I've had all the school I can stomach

So its off to the library
to check out Yow... Wow!
and pretend I've slaved away
on my methodology


I'd rather be doing this...

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Clouse said...

Good to hear Aimee laugh...although I am more accustomed to hearing it aimed in your direction as you drop something into the fire while grilling. I hear you loud and clear on what is really important. Erin and I had a "sick day" away from school together yesterday. It just occurred to me that there are some things I can't put a price tag on anymore-like time.

Eli is very cute. Enjoy the days when all it takes to amuse the three amigos is a good mattress. Before you know it they'll be asking for skate boards or electric guitars and amps or something else expensive. Oh, I think you might want to keep Eli from learning how to play "Spider Man" on the basement stairs from his older brother.


Steven Paul