Monday, March 12, 2007

Six Things I'm Thinking About Right Now, Instead of the Ten Things I Think I Think

Here's what I'm thinking about right now:

1) Chapter One of my dissertation (rough draft due Thursday)

2) Chapter Two of my dissertation (also due Thursday)

3) The exegetical work for a sermon I'll be giving tomorrow in class on "Turning the Other Cheek" (which will also be given at Shawnee on Sunday)

4) A comparison paper contrasting sermons given by Ellsworth Kallas and Matthew Kelty

5) Delaying this week's "Ten Things" (or some sort of substitute) until Friday

6) My loyal readers agreeing that my staying in school is far more important than updating this blog on this particular day

I hope you agree!

Catch you this Friday!


Mom said...

Your mother thinks that it is most important that you finish school and bring the grandboys home. I am sure that I am joined by both grandpas and the Great One.:>


Aaron said...

Your roommate in Korea doesn't want you grumpy when we're trying to navigate a foreign land. Finish the thing.

Your sermon today, though, was well worth any time it took away from your dissertation. The good folks of Shawnee are in for a treat this weekend.

And don't you dare bring a butter knife to the airport.

Aaron said...


I stole your Sunday paper this morning. Thanks.


ps: you didn't leave a car key stashed outside did you?

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog, Bryan. Especially, the early 2006 blogs introducing your fellow class mates. I am Robert Lopez part of the 2007 BP class. We just received our first books, and the reading has begun! Blessings as you finish up.