Saturday, September 01, 2007

I-AA Avenged

Unbelievable! I'd be more happy about this, but it makes the Big Ten look so bad, so indefensible as a legit conference, that my glee is tempered. To all my Beeson buds, in the words of Roberto Duran, "No Mas. No Mas."

The ironic thing about this game for me was that I was disinterested in the Bucks opener today because they were playing a I-AA team. I just figured the game would be a blowout (which it was), so I worked in the lawn all day listening to music on my new Walkman MP3 player (with noise cancellation.... fantastic!). In my opinion, I thought no Division I school should be allowed to play a I-AA school cause all it does is pad the cupcake part of the schedule so you can be bowl eligible. All week I've called the Youngstown State game a travesty and a farce, and all cause they were I-AA.

Um... I guess I stand corrected. I-AA rules.

And as for Lloyd Carr.... someone take the fork out of his back. He's done.

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Aaron said...

Is it the least bit possible that Michigan gets overrated by the national media because of their tradition?

That's all I was asking last year. I was just sweetly and humbly wondering.