Friday, September 21, 2007

To Whom God Entrusts

I am tired

tired of religious faith
resulting in thousands dead

of supposed holy men
passing off passion inflamed
pointless rhetoric
as words from the living God
who long for worldly power
that gives their words
the force of law

there is no law
but that which is written
on human hearts

my Savior lifted no sword
He healed only wounds
and created new ones
only in the hearts of those
who oppressed the people
with unreasonable expectations
that were falsely ascribed
the will and intent of the Father

His battle is waged
in the spiritual realm
where powers and principalities
shape the course of the future
and the present
for all

it's in the cries of parents
mourning the pointless death
of their children
that you hear His battle cry

it's in the prayer of those
who live embattled lives
in embattled places
desiring peace
for themselves
their neighbors
and their children
that you hear His voice

it's in a young woman
seeking to free her sisters
from oppression
that would prevent them
from gaining an education
or living freely
that you see Him acting

it's in a young man
choosing to respect others
living honestly and forthrightly
using his discernment
to look for opportunities
to lift up others
that you can hear the words
"the Kingdom of Heaven is near"

the world I long for
is one where people look for help
to help them get ahead
and people give of themselves freely
because we are all lifted up

the world I long for
is one where differences exist
as does mutual respect
exhibited in grace and mercy
shown mutually
as we respectfully disagree

the world I long for
is marked not by fear
but by hope
filling people tired of what is
voluntarily living their lives
to bring about something new

Let us then live
not just as people
who trust the living God
but as those
whom God entrusts
to drop old biases
create new accountability
embrace justice
singing His praises
freeing souls from sin and death
in this life and the next
and win the peace
so war will be no more

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