Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

- Good crowd for Bible study tonight, but as to whether or not attendance holds remains up in the air. Saw some eyes rolling back into heads and a few glazed expressions. But we have to do some of this historical stuff to get to the fun stuff. Hopefully people will hang on. We'll see what happens.

- I suppose as I right Girls Gone Wild is doing its thing in Ada. I hear there's a protest scheduled to start in front of the bar where the event is going down, so I'm going to check the news tonight to see what went down (if anything). I still can't believe that local officials will sit back while the town's young women bare themselves for cameras. I have to believe that would qualify as lewd behavior in Ada, Ohio. Playing certain Billy Joel albums on your stereo is probably classified as lewd behavior in Ada, Ohio. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

- It was 80 degrees two days ago. Today its raining and in the high fifties. Welcome to Ohio.

- I'm supposed to be eating healthier, working out, and losing weight as during my last physical it was discovered that my cholesterol and blood pressure are both up. Of course, today, the Older Adult ministry at their monthly luncheon had a "pie baking contest". What can I say.. I took one for the team.

- Saw an old rerun of "WKRP in Cincinnati" last night. It's the episode where Mr. Carlson decides to give away Thanksgiving turkeys to people in Cincinnati as a promo. I'll let Les Nessman describe the "greatest turkey event in Thanksgiving Day history" to you:

- As per a couple of suggestions and my own sense that my family would love them as gifts, I am contemplating self-publishing a book containing the top 75-80 posts from this blog, and some new stuff I'll write for the heck of it. I talked to the publishing company (a local Christian publisher called CSS) which has been trying to get me to write for them for a couple of years, and they're willing to work with me. I'm just thinking of printing a couple hundred books, just to say I did it, maybe raise a few extra bucks, and have something tangible to hold after more than 275 posts over the last couple of years. But here's the thing: I was asked what "market research" I'd done on this project.

So, any interest in there in paying $8 for something you could get for free? It's be a great Christmas present for that person who know you have to buy for but you don't have the time to shop for. Let me know via comments or email what you think.

- It's late and a bowl of Raisin Bran is calling my name. Catch you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

"Market Research?" (said in swarthy, english as a second language brogue) We don't need no stinking market research! You have already cornered a valuable niche market. This book will be a huge hit with pudgy, pasty-white, NBA-obsessed, overly educated, midwestern, amateur theologians.

I am also guessing that this book would do very well with women in their thirties named Amy (spellings may vary)and with the emerging market of small town, coffee-crazed, Brian McLaren fans.

Besides, no one really markets books anymore. They market their own lives, which they then turn into reality TV-accompanied by tell-all, behind the scenes books. I hear Oprah calling. I see debates between Bucher and Leonard Sweet. Do I dare mention Regis and Kelly? What new calamity awaits the readers of our fair blog?

The Clouse