Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hey Travis - Welcome To The Masthead!

Made a few changes on the ol' masthead today, not the least was the addition of "Miner Issues", a new blog by Travis Miner - musician, Christian, and ND fan. Travis is an old friend and witty dude. I hope you enjoy his stuff (and if you're looking for a worship leader who can extensively quote "Spinal Tap", he's your man).

I'll try to hit the blog a little more often. To be honest I've started at least a half-dozen posts, only to delete or not finish them later either because I didn't like what I wrote, ran out of time, or both. One church + One Family = Zero Free Time (it's the new math).

One quick note: If you are in the area, come on out for the Unity Picnic at Faurot Park this Saturday. 35 churches (including ours - enjoy a cold soda on SUMC) are participating with the idea of bringing people across the city together. Dennis Ward and his team have done a great job of pulling this thing together, and I don't think you'll want to miss it.

Also, in case you are wondering... yes, I did skip the last day of Annual Conference. Came home last night on the ol' motorcycle as the sun drifted off to sleep in order to be here for the first swim meet of the year (and Xavier's first swim meet ever) tonight. With practice this morning, and all the details of the day, I thought I'd end Aimee's single momness a day early, and hang with my boys (who were seriously missing their dad).

Gotta go root the Sherwood Sharks onto victory. BOOYAH!

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