Thursday, December 07, 2006

In the Pasture of the Lord

Went for a walk last night
A "Night Walk"
A great adventure for three boys
We bundled up, put Eli in the stroller
and into the night we went

We walked past Beeson Manor
We stopped and saw John Wesley
"I'm almost as tall as John Wesley, Dad!"
"Me too!"

We stopped to visit the SPOs
where the boys opened the doors
and Daddy got his mail

We stopped by the student center
where we saw Jesus carrying the lamb
Eli was amazed by the big Christmas tree
We ran through the gym
We saw flags from around the world

"Dad, Night Walks are the coolest things ever!"

We stopped by the big town Christmas tree
We stopped by the Dollar General to look at toys

We stopped by Fitch's IGA
Max got a Popsicle
Xavie got a push-up
Daddy and Eli spilt an ice cream sandwich
and we bought Mom some malted milk balls

The night was quiet
my boys were not
they marveled at the stars
they spotted spies on the tops of buildings
they raced down the sidewalk

and I stood in the pasture of the Lord
and the angels appeared before me
and they sang...

glory to God
Heaven is now with you
for the baby in the manger
is not only the Son of God
but the Son of Man

There, in the moonlight
pushing the stroller
Xavier singing John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

I remembered God's covenant of peace
The noose slipped off my neck
and I breathed in sweet fresh air
mercy and grace filling my lungs
so I could exult with joy
that Jesus is Lord

For I had forgotten the words to the Hallelujah Chorus
The music somehow slipped my mind
Thank God for Night Walks
the sweet innocence of children
and angels singing

It was there
standing in the Lord's pasture with Handel
I heard their chorus
"And He will reign forever and ever"

and I remembered

Let me sing, Almighty God
Let me sing forevermore

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