Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Some Talk and Some Stand

I am being baited. Gator baited, if you will, by one Aaron Wymer, an alumnus of the University of Florida.

I have maintained since the beginning of this football season a number of ideas that are being proven out as the days drag along:

That this Ohio State Buckeye team will end up being penned in as one of the few dominant college football teams in history. They've already won their conference championship, beat their rival who lost their a coaching icon on the eve of the game to remain undefeated, earned the only perfect 1.0 rating in the history of the BCS scoring system, and watched their quarterback come back from adversity to win the Heisman Trophy. Only one more game stands between what I have been saying being theoretically-true, and true.... this team will be recognized as being one of the greatest ever in an era where true parity is possible in college football.

That OSU's championship would have never been accepted in the south had they defeated Michigan or USC in the BCS game. The same kind of geographic-cultural elitism that still embraces things like the Confederate Flag is also operable when it come to college football. When you hear people who have become good friends, and who you respect, say things like, "Even a game at Mississippi State isn't a week off for a SEC team, that's why all the other conferences in college football are inferior", you just have to roll your eyes. OSU needs to face an SEC opponent to win the BCS just to the end all whining south of the Mason-Dixon line... a point made during the end of the recent Gator-Buckeye basketball game when the blue and orange crowd started chanting "Over-rated, Also In Football". Nothing less will stop the lips from yappin' in the land o' cotton.

But I'm not just gonna talk. I mean, anyone can talk. Aaron Wymer stood in the sanctity of my cubicle before our break to defame the name of the Big Ten as a means of trying to cheapen the Bucks accomplishments this year. The man can talk up a blue streak.

I'm tired of talking..... I'd rather stand.

I'll stand, or sit, or walk all day on January 9th in a Gator shirt if the Bucks lose on January 8th. I'll even post it, if it happens, on this blog, for all the world to see. I have no problem with putting this into digital print, as I'm not worried this day will ever come to pass.

And if I waited for a SEC fan to make some sort of comparitive offer, where they'd actually have to stand behind all the hot air, well, we know that the south would rise again before that happened, wouldn't it?

And now a YouTube clip of another national championship team that needed no help from anybody to win their crown. They marched through the front door, unlike a Gator team in 1996.


Anonymous said...

12/28/2006 and the SEC...

BAMA, an SEC legend is defeated by OKLAHOMA FRICKIN STATE who was 6-6 overall and 3-5 in the BIG 12 (that "powerhouse" conference).

2 other B-12 teams played today as well... A&M was TROUNCED by 20th ranked Cal 45 to 10. Kansas State met a similar fate being housed 37-10 BY RUTGERS.

Keep in mind that the aforementioned "fake OSU" LOST to BOTH K-State and A&M this year in conference play (BIG 12 conference play).

we buckeye fans all curl up in the fetal position and cry ourselves to sleep every night at the thought of your mighty mightiness.

The younger Buke

who will keep talking... with evidentiary support (of course).

Anonymous said...

There surely is a mighty wind a blowin' from Wilmore these days. I just want to know how any dissertation work is getting done with so much woofing going on down there and how many times has the word "buckeye" been inserted subliminally in the parenthetical documentation of said dissertation. I find it easier to study up here in the north, surrounded by peace-loving Mennonites, who come from a state that has not smelled a bowl game since before I was born. Indiana football is bad for your constitution, but great for your GPA.


Steven Paul

Tina Dietsch said...

All I have to say is: GO BUCKS!!!

If our beloved Bucks loose (I feel like a ficiton writer typing such nonesense), I will take vacation time and personally ride an alligator all the way from florida back to the holy city (c-bus, that is).

Aaron said...

This isn't much of a wager. UF and OSU don't hate each other enough for it to be a big deal.

Now . . . if you're willing to wear a Michigan Wolverine shirt all day, and if I were willing to wear an FSU shirt for a day . . . THAT would be pain.