Friday, October 27, 2006

I've Been "Blog Tagged" and Plan on Filing Charges

Nolan Donald, a member of the BP class of 2006-07, recently made a post on his blog, and tagged five others, including myself, to follow his lead by answering the following questions about, of all things, books. I'll tell you right now about the last thing I want to blog about is books. I'm sick of books. I've read more books in the last four months that that last 10 years. It's like writing on the grossest thing I ever picked off of my body or a shopping guide for Wilmore, Kentucky... I'd rather shave my legs first.

BUT, I have been blog tagged AND Nolan and Susanna let me watch the Buckeyes at their home cause they have cable TV. So, in order to keep the peace, here we go

- One book that changed your life (we'll assume the Bible is asssumed): A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren. It pretty much rescued my faith at a time when doubt was beginning to win the day.

- One book that you have read more than once: When I was a kid I loved the book, The Sunday Cycles by William Campbell Gault and I read all the Matt Christopher books again and again. More recently, a favorite has been The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard, which has been used for planning many a sermon.

- One book you would want on a desert island (again assuming the Gideons have left a Bible in the drawer of my desert island hut): Uh, any book with a big map and a built in satellite phone.

- One book that made you laugh: Almost Friends: A Harmony Novel by Phillip Gulley and Loose Balls: Short and Wild Life of the American Basketball Association by Terry Pluto (the stuff on Marvin "Bad News" Barnes made me laugh so hard I'm not sure my spleen survived)

- One book that made you cry: The Civil War Series by Shelby Foote, particularly when recounting the deaths of Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln, and Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and Shelia McGraw, because my boys are growing up too fast.

- One book you wish had been written: Any John Grisham novel, but particularly, The Testament, which is my favorite.

- One book you wish had never been written: Just follow the link here but know that you'll need to gouge your eyes out of your head when you are done. (Note to Eric Stalkamp, my Dad and brother, Cathy Friesthler, or any true Buckeye fan: Do NOT click on that link. Did you hear me? You'd better off covering yourself with paper cuts and soaking in hot tub filled with isopropyl alcohol, or locking yourself in a room in a room where Fergie's new album plays out of a speaker and can't be turned down..... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES AND SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!)

- One book you’re currently reading: Advanced Strategic Planning by Aubrey Malphurs (a great cure for insomnia)

- One book you’ve been meaning to read: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

and I'll add a few more catagories....

- Ten books I'll read once they are written:

1. America's First President/Grandmother: Kathryn Diehl by William F. Buckley

2. Don't Eat That, Chubby: How I Whipped Bryan Bucher Into Shape (volume one) by Cathlene Baker

3. The Beeson Pastor Class That Changed The World by Randy Jessen (with special forwards by Bono, Bill Hybles, Gov. Howie Mandel, and Brian McLaren)

4. Why Jesus Hates Religion by Bruxy Cavey (seriously)

5. Deliverance: How I Discovered That Columbus, Ohio Really Was the Center of the College Football Universe and Started Rooting for Ohio State by Susanna Donald (with forwards by Aaron Wymer and Trav Wilson)

6. What Stress? by Charlotte Hefner

7. How We Made Our Billions and Took Super Care of Our Parents In Their Retirement by Max, Xavier, and Elijah Bucher

8. Women: A Surefire Guide to Understanding by U. Wish

9. Ten National Championships: The Legacy of Coach Jim Tressel by Chris Spielman (forward by Troy Smith, Heisman Trophy Winner)

10. David for Grown-Ups by Dr. Joseph Bishman (why not boss... give it a whirl)

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