Tuesday, October 24, 2006


wants what Max wants
goes where Max goes
a shadow for an older brother
makes him a mystery
what does he want?

struggling to be the big brother
used to being the baby
tough being the middle child
you can see it though
Eli, wanting to be his shadow

a storyteller
an artist
a dreamer
happiest with a lump of clay
or a paintbrush

a jumper
a climber
fearless, until he gets hurt
then he'll cry
until it's time again, to fly

loves David and Goliath read fast
loves to eat bread and leave the crust
loves to tell jokes about poop
loves to make us laugh
loves running errands with daddy

he's four-and-half
just ask him
he'll add the half if you forget
it means a lot, that half
makes him feel more grown up

let me grow up daddy
let me get big
Ok, Son
If that's what you want
I'll love you forever

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