Wednesday, November 15, 2006

For the Buckeye Faithful...

Nothing but Buckeye posts from here on out. Here's a great one. Dad and I were in the end zone on this play, Krenzel to Jenkins for the touchdown. Happened right in front of us. Nothing better than 40,000 shocked Purdue fans, and 15k Bucks fans on the road going nuts. This was a team of destiny....

Is this a different team of destiny. Instead of OT games and last minute heroics, are we witnessing one of the most dominant college football teams of all time? How long has it been since a team dominated everyone they played, and in retrospect, everyone realized that they were something truly special? Here's another video to get you ready for The Big Game, and to serve as a little reminder for all my blogger faithful who root for the Irish.

Great shot, by the way, of Brady Quinn's sister after her future husband flattened her brother on the field. That'd be something that if I was AJ I'd be showing to my brother-in-law's kids every holiday season, with commentary like, "Yep, your dad still has Buckeyes imprinted on his chest", "Hey Brady, didn't you have to change pants after that hit?", or "Kids, I hope you have your Aunt's footspeed." How could this ever get old?


Anonymous said...

With regard to teams of dominance in college football, like it or not, Pete Carroll's record with USC is second to none. As much as you suggest negative feeling toward the Irish, I believe the next decade will belong to Charlie Weis, like it or not. There is not a smarter football mind in the country. With regard to your level of confidence for Saturday and beyond, please note that those who remain too confident in outcomes often are not prepared for the obvious when it comes their way. With regard to Brady Quinn - mellow, dude, mellow. Your verbage does not give one the impression that you are a doctoral student representing Christ's church. And by the way, be on the lookout for a day soon in coming where we will hear of Brady Quinn beginning his next path up in Green Bay with A.J. You heard it first here.

bryan said...

Um.... can't deny that Pete Carroll has done a great job at USC, but never has he coached a team that you'd look back at and say "Wow, they were dominant!". I'm talking about dominant teams... like some of the Nebraska teams in the 70's. They just pulverized the competition and you don't see that much any more. My point was that THIS Ohio State team has that chance.

As far as Charlie Weis being one of the best minds in college football... last time I checked teams had to play offense AND defense. Charlie Weis has not proven, to date, that he can do both. Until ND can stop somebody, they'll always end up 11-2 or 10-3.

Finally, as far as Brady Quinn goes, I hope he does end up at Green Bay with AJ. That'd be great. That still won't change the fact that Hawk ate his lunch in the Fiesta Bowl. A fact that he can hold over his head in fun at family gatherings for years to come. We do that in my family all the time.

And, for those who didn't know this, I spent five years in a church 30 minutes away from Notre Dame. As a matter of fact, the former play-by-play guy for Notre Dame football, Vince Turner (who now works at Bashor Children's Home in Goshen, IN) attended the church. So I turned tweaking ND football fans into a fine art in those days... and, of course, I took it right back.

So, if my verbiage isn't becoming of a doctoral student, my apologizes... I forget that people who don't know me read this thing, and can't distinguish when I'm poking fun, or serious. If Ohio State loses Saturday, I'll still be able to get up on Sunday and praise God for all the blessings in my life.

I mean, I lived through the John Cooper years, so I've had plenty of practice.

But, that being said...... it aint' gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response. I would love to see a rematch between Ohio State and Notre Dame. I hear that the BCS won't allow a rematch between Ohio State and Michigan. That doesn't really seem fair. USC's fate is in their own hands. They could lose to either/both Cal/UCLA. Florida State will most likely be the team to surprise Florida. If ND has a stellar game (offense & defense)with USC, and the former follows suit, the rematch could be at hand. If you look at the freshman hitting South Bend next year, both offensively and defensively, and if they can learn to play off of each other's talents, that really is all a good football mind needs. If that comes together, watch out. That was my initial point. Sorry I wasn't clear to that earlier. I remain happy for Ohio State and their fans. I would much rather see a Big 10 team representing the Midwest in the thick of things as oppossed to the Pac 10, or otherwise. All the best with regard to your studies. May God bless you richly. May God bless your family in the process.

bryan said...

Once again, don't get too caught up in Notre Dame's future. Weis needs to recruit a decent defensive coach, or the team will continue to give up ridiculous numbers of points in big games. Weis should know this, as Belichick profited from both he and Romeo Crennel's prowess. Otherwise, ND becomes the new version of Don Coryell's Chargers.

Dad and I were talking about this last week and we think that probably the winner of the ND/USC game is going to end up in the BCS championship game. There's no way Florida runs the table with the way they're looking, and Arkansas already lost to USC.

And, I don't think we even need to talk about Rutgers. They're just happy to be anywhere this bowl season.

As far as a rematch, here's the deal... this game between these two schools in most years has always decided who gets all the marbles in the Big Ten. Thus, whoever loses this puppy, the only proper thing is for them to step aside and play in one of the other BCS bowls. The only way this won't happen is if USC, ND, Arkansas, Florida, and Rutgers all lose again..... and then we'll all be talking about (gasp) Boise State, so let's not even go there.

Just my two cents.