Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Interesting IP Addresses

Visitors. We get visitors. We get lots and lots of visitors. Over 7600 since the blog started. So many that two of my free site meters kind of went on the fritz, and now I'm on my third. Who are they, and where do they all come from? Not sure, but based on some IP addressed and how they ended up on "The Office", here's another small sampling:

Suger Land, Texas

New Knoxville, Ohio: Check out this blog. It's written by the pastor of the New Knoxville UMC. He found my blog, I'm assuming, looking for details on the presidential crisis at Asbury (he's a grad), and kept on coming back. He must be a pretty cool dude, as he listed Metallica, Chris Tomlin, Bob Marley, and The Smiths as being musical influences. You'll enjoy his take, immensely.

North Hollywood, California (search words: "Brady Quinn's Sister")

Stockbridge, Georgia (search words: aaron wymer)

Dallas, Texas

London, United Kingdom (a re-occuring IP address directly linked to the blog... how cool is that?)

Qubec, Quebec

Downers Grove, Illinois (search words: "Bart Campolo")

St. Louis, Missouri (directly linked)

Tipp City, Ohio (search words: "my space ginghamsburg")

Orlando, Florida (search words: "akeela and the bee our greatest fear")

Allentown, Pennsylvania: They are living there in Allentown, where they're closing all the factories down, out in Bethlehem their killing time, filling out forms and standing in line... or so Billy Joel tells me.

Omaha, Nebraska (search words: "carlton pearson reacts to ted haggard"): Yeah, if you read the post entitled "Hell", and followed the links to watch the "Dateline" segment on Carlton Pearson, you'll know that because they both attended Oral Roberts University at the same time, NBC went to Ted Haggard (pre-scandal) to get a quote on Pearson's take on the afterlife. One of the more ironic interviews ever given.

London Ontario (search words: "bruxy cavey"): Lots of people have been searching for info on Bruxy and ending up here. His is a name you will hear more and more in North America.

Greensboro, North Carolina (search words: elijah "carlton pearson" - elijah list"): Don't ask me.. I have no idea.

Denver, Colorado

Ada, Ohio (Hi Cecily!)

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Juliet said...

London, United Kingdom - found the blog when I googled htb Sandy Millar (HTB is my church) and found it very honest and entertaining - which is why I have a direct link in my favourites which I look at every day! (Although I must admit that I don't read the blog when it's about football!!)

Thanks Bryan, and keep writing!!


bryan said...

Thank you Juliet! You are too kind and made my day.

I enjoyed my HTB experience immensely, and am still praying over the experience. I sense a moving of the Spirit there that I'd be a fool to ignore. Feel free to comment when I'm speaking more out of Americanity, than Christianity....

and I'll try to keep the football blogs to a minimum (or make you a Ohio State fan! There's a group that watches the games together at a pub in Trafalgar Square! I'm sure they'd love your company.)

Thanks again!!!

Juliet said...

Which pub? (I work 2 minutes away!)


bryan said...

Bodeans BBQ at Poland Street & D'Arblay Street, London
Nearest subway Oxford Circus, turn right out of Exit 7,
down a couple of blocks and right onto Poland Street,
another block or so.

The next game will be in early january (it'll be the one to determine the champion of american college football... I'm sure the fans there will be ready to have a good time!)

The Thief said...

You're right about how I stumbled upon your blog. You're right about who I am. You're right about my musical influences. But you missed the mark about me being pretty cool ;-) But thanks for the kind words and the link!