Friday, November 24, 2006

Random Thoughts On A Lazy Saturday Morning

Special thanks on the video clip to Susanna Donald. Check out her blog!

One more day of rest, too much TV, Thanksgiving leftovers (as good as the original meal itself, as far as I'm concerned... am jonesing for Turkey sandwich as we speak), one last important college football game before the bowl bids are determined (I pick USC... SEC fans, your championship game is an after-thought now thanks to Arkansas loss yesterday), and a sermon tomorrow at Shawnee...

...then it's back to the Greater Wilmore Metropolitan Area and fifty-plus trains a day. On the subject of trains, here's an article posted just for my Beeson compadres:

Here are a few random thoughts though, on a lazy Saturday morning:

- Took my father-in-law's Harley out for a spin yesterday. Don't know what was more amazing... time on a motorcycle (my first since the summer) or that the day was nice enough for a ride? A soul-stirring experience.

- For those curious, my mother-in-law came home from the hospital Tuesday, and yesterday Aimee helped her make a Thanksgiving meal. She finds out Monday if the chemo is making a dent in the liver cancer, so please keep praying.

- Fred and Kathy Diehl, my aunt and uncle, returned home to West Palm Beach today after a nice visit this week. It was great to see them, and I know The Great One has enjoyed their company immensely. A very nice Thanksgiving treat.

- I am discovering that my Dad has this maddening habit of clicking incessantly through endless cable channels, settling on some bizarre program, and then falling asleep. Three nights ago we ended up on a special on all the Presidents (Andrew Johnson, US Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes until I could take no more), and the night-before-last we ended up on some show on MTV featuring a tiny little skateboarder and huge African-American fellow who are good buddies (the episode featured them at a dietitian's office because the skateboarder is worried about the huge fellow's health.... never thought anyone would spend money producing a show where two people argue about "portion control", but such is this era of reality TV). Last night we ended up watching "What Not To Wear".

Conclusion? Not having cable tv isn't such a bad thing after all.

- Have been asked repeatedly, so here you go...

Top Ten Things I Want For Christmas Since World Peace Isn't Easily Gift-Wrapped:

1) A new electric shaver: Eli threw mine into the garbage can... we think. No big deal though as I bought it for a dime at the Shawnee Women's Rummage Sale in 1993. I think I got my money out of it.
2) A Pete Johnson "Legends of Ohio State" football jersey.
3) John Grisham's new novel.
4) Cheap tools from Big Lots.
5) New travelmugs I can leave on the desk of my study carrel
6) Babysitting for one evening so Aimee and I can eat a dinner at a place not featuring a clown as a mascot and watch a movie not animated.
7) Snow
8) Riding gloves.
9) An evening of bowling with my boys.
10) World Peace (a guy can hope and pray)

- In case you were wondering, some places out of the last hundred hits on this blog where people were located when they decided to dial in:

Gainesville, Georgia (search words: tony campolo universalism)
Hickory, North Carolina
San Francisco, California
Martinsville, New Jersey
Zelienople, Pennsylvania (search words: jeff greenway)
Norwalk, Ohio (search words: upwards basketball willard ohio)
Abidjan, Cote' De Ivory (Ivory Coast)
Bratislava, Slovakia
Seattle, Washington (search words: oxford round table)
Northhampton, Massachusettes (search words: ho-ag devo)
Orlando, Florida (search words: aaron wymer)
Palm Bay, Florida (search words: amber heistan)
Ayr, Ontario (search words: bruxy cavey)
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom (search words: sandy millar healing)
Monument, Colorado
San Jose, California
Omaha, Nebraska (search words: kohli and kahlier)
Salt Lake City, Utah (Hi, Aunt Beth!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan - Scary, I have also watched "what's not to wear" with your dad !