Monday, August 28, 2006

An Eleventh Thing....

11) I wrote last night's post not really knowing about the crash at Bluegrass Airport yesterday morning. We don't have cable, and I rarely listen to the radio. While the crash was mentioned at the church I attended yesterday, no indication was given as to the size of the plane or the deaths of any people. The gravity of the tragedy didn't hit me until this morning, when I received my copy of the Lexington Herald. Inside, two pages are dedicated to profiling the people who died on that plane. The paper profiles, among others...

  • A young couple married Saturday on their way to their honeymoon
  • A "Habitat for Humanity" volunteer coordinator on his way back to help build multiple homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina
  • A woman on her way to take an Alaskan cruise with her sister... a trip they'd been planning for 2 years
  • A young man with dreams of someday working in the American Embassy in Paris
  • A sixteen year-old daughter whose mother was bumped from the same flight
  • A pharmaceutical rep who was traveling to Atlanta to look for a new home for his family so that they would be separated less because of his work
  • Three members of the same sales team from a local business

Just a terrible tragedy. Please keep all of these good folks' families, and this community, in your prayers.

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