Monday, August 14, 2006

My Little Boy Starts The Second Grade Tomorrow

He was born on a quiet, cold, snowy winter morning.
He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
An incarnation of God's grace.
Wasn't that yesterday?

Where do seven years go?

They go in long trips across the state of Illinois, doing the "Lord's work".
The boy is at home, alone, with his mother.
"Daddy's Home!" Liberty!!!
Long walks on warm nights.
Time on the swing, lots of time, and he still cries when you take him off.
A tree full of birds, and a crazy lady with a drum trying to make them leave.
The boy laughs at the lady.
We got our kicks on Route 66.
I can't be gone another full week. Something's got to give.

Where do seven years go?

"The Cats In the Cradle" at 4am on a lonely highway.
Daddy begs a Bishop to let him go. He needs to be with his son and wife.
A Bishop agrees. Time to go.
We find a home in the land of Goshen.
Bubbles in the back yard the boy chases.
Time with Mr. Larry in the garden.
Cookouts and a fire-ring.
"Can I stay up later daddy?"
"Ok son. Just a little while longer."
One day he is too little to climb the ladder to the slide... and the next, it is his.
Say your prayers. Pick your Bible story. Yes we can read two.
I love you. Good night.

Where do seven years go?
The only child becomes a big brother.
He wants to play, but the lump can't even crawl, so he just makes him laugh. He gets the first smile.
First time on a bike.
First time in Merv's pool, and Merv gives him cookies.
Slurpees with the guys.
Mitchell is his best friend.
A broken arm, and two shaky parents whispering "We love you" as he goes to surgery.
Trips to the museum, the zoo, the aquarium.
Visits from Grandmas and Grandpas.
"Can we get some ice cream at 'The Chief', Daddy?"
Let me get my keys.
Is this heaven? No, it's Yorktown Drive.

Where do seven years go?
They are inseparable... the former lump and the little boy.
One blond head and one brown.
"We don't want to leave Goshen. Please let us stay!"
I'm sorry, God has called us forward, and He's kicking us out.
Everyone cries.

Where do seven years go?
Lima and Shawnee UMC. A place firmly in my heart, the boy has never known.
Upwards basketball.
Football in the front yard.
Grandmas, Grandpas, and a GrandmaGreat... all here now.
The first day of school. We'd been praying for a good teacher. God listened.
Another brother. Another lump.
Judo lessons.
Swim team.
"I'm faster than you, Dad." And he is!

My little boy starts second grade tomorrow.
Where do seven years go?
Through my life, my heart, and my soul.
Max.... I love you.
Be good at school.

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