Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When Worlds Collide

A group of women gather to pray. They're praying for their children who have just started school. They are praying for God's protection from the dangers of the world, for new friends to be made, for innocence not to be lost too quickly, and for learning to commence. Each teacher of each child is held up to the Lord. They have transformed a living room into a temple of the Lord.

Meanwhile, in a bathroom (just off of the living room) a man obliviously showers, brushes his teeth. He's in his underwear (and only his underwear), singing the one line of "Uncle Walter" he knows. He's in a hurry to get upstairs, get dressed, and get the day moving. He opens the door, not realizing the priest is standing at the alter...

Your Uncle Walter he goes on and on
How could you left us and been gone so lo-

"Oops. Sorry ladies."

Never have so many people been thankful, and not thankful, for a pair of boxer shorts.

Tomorrow I'll shower upstairs.

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