Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Haikuapalooza Day #1

Before I give you today's Haikus, here's a recap of what Haikuapalooza is:

For those who missed yesterday's post, here's the deal: tell me who the heck you are and where you are logging on from, and maybe a little somthing about yourself, and everyone who enters will get an original Haiku written about them on this very blog. Everyone is a winner! It just doesn't get any better!

Oh, and I'll take all the entries, throw them in a hat, and send the winner an official "Asbury Theological Seminary" coffee mug. That's right... totally free! You could impress your friends, and look holy, all at the same time.

And for those Beeson Pastors and their fams who'd like to enter (you know you want to... it's the most fun you can have and not violate the ethos statement) if you win the drawing I'll pony up an official Shawnee United Methodist Church coffee mug (as for the rest of you, if you'd rather the church mug, just let me know).

All entries need to be in by September 15th. Haikus to be written as emails are received.

On to Today's Haikus!!!!

For: Steve Jenkins
From: Lima, Ohio
still a newlywed
very beautiful baby
looks like mom (praise God)

For: Cathleen Baker
From: Lima, Ohio
big exercise freak
calls me a fat tub of goo
go work out tubby

For: Bruce Dickerson
From: Hamilton, Ohio
called to ministry
Asbury Seminary
better get reading

For: Paul Rebelo
From: Chattanooga, Tennesee
each day a challenge
your chance to make your imprint
kick sin's butt - take names

For: Walt Adams
From: Lima, Ohio
am just checking in
been camping with sue - good times
like your blog - do well

For: Andy Bucher
From: Toledo, Ohio
very good looking
but not quite as good looking
as older brother

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