Saturday, August 05, 2006

"The Lori Brookman Story"

Our hometown paper, "The Lima News" is running a four-part series on our good friend, Lori Brookman. Today is the 5 year anniversary of a horrific crash that severely burned Lori over 80% of her body. That she is alive is truly a miracle of God. Now, Lori, through her great strength and amazing faith, overcomes physical obstacles that were the outcome of over four-months in a coma and 40 surgeries to take care of her husband Dale, and their three boys. You can check out "part 1" the article and video chronicle here:

We've known Lori, and her husband Dale, since high school, and back when we were all newlyweds and poor (as opposed to not being newlyweds and poor) the four of us would scrounge up enough money for a pepperoni pizza, and watch their baby roll around the floor. Now we have to scrounge enough money to buy four pizzas to feed six hungry kids who disappear as fast as they can into the basement to play X-box, while we talk about the "old days".

Click on the link... you won't be sorry.

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